Gun Control For Dummies

Published on Dec 26, 2012 This video gives a further explanation of the Second Amendment to the Constitution in the context of the why the Bill of Rights was included along with the establishment of the Federal Government. Please share this with your friends so that they can help educate America.

Government Gone Wild

From the Govenment Gone Wild! website: Government is on the rise and both political parties are to blame.  Government Gone Wild! is dedicated to educating everyday citizens of the dangers of Big Government while motivating people to get off their couch and get involved.



Reflections On Democracy

And insightful website/blog that seems to have emerged in 2010 in the United Kingdom. We are not sure how frequently the site is updated but it contains provocative thoughts, links and article. According to the author: "The purpose of this blog is to reflect on the nature of democracy with particular reference to the UK." 

Beating The Politocracy

Beating The Politocracy - Fighting The Godless Politocracy


From Mr Bill Collier's Common Sense: 


"Once again we hear that “this is the most crucial election in this generation” and now “our top priority is to beat Obama, ANY of the GOP candidates is better than Obama” and let’s not forget the tried and true “we need to pick the candidate who is most likely to beat Obama.”


This is all about the RINOSTABLISHMENT (RINO Establishment are the blue bloods who use conservative rhetoric to win votes but who compromise on social issues and only really care about big money interests)! They want to stay IN POWER, even if that means Obama wins the next election, but they have to do their “duty” for the Politocracy by preventing, at all costs, a true FREEDOMIST from getting the nomination.


What’s a Freedomist?

A Freedomist is for the “Free Domain Of The People”, where politics plays a minor role in life and where the consensus of the People rules over Politics according to the values and interests of the People.

Forget the way the Politocracy talks about politics: they even dare to choose colors for groups, as in the freedom-seekers are told their color is red and the freedom takers are told their color is blue. I am a true BLUE freedom seeker, blue is the color of Freedom, we ALL know that RED is the banner of freedom-takers!"


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Our Governmentless Politocracy

An article by Professor Anthony M. Orum in The Chicago Tribune on September 16, 1988 is specifically about Chicago and Illinois politics of the period.  This article has important relevance today especially as it relates to the entire American political landscape. 


At the time of this writing, Professor Orum was at the University of Illinois Chicago.