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Politocracy:  Where Politics and Bureaucracy Come Together


We are a self funded organization.  We have not and will not be dependent upon  or accept Federal, State, Local or foreign government funds or assistance for developing, supporting or growing our business or transporting our products over roads, highways, airways, rivers or sea lanes.   


However, it can be stated here that the excesses of all of the aforementioned government organizations have served as a motivation for creating this game.  We believe that this game can serve as a tool to educate the uneducated and inform the uninformed on the inner-workings of the current American political "system."  And we strongly believe that this form of gaming/simulation goes hand in hand with our particular style of entertainment, the purpose of which is to enlighten the electorate.  


We like to emphasize that in such times of political crisis and tumult, it is critical to maintain a positive outlook and sense of humor about all things political.  Regardless of how absurd they may seem.






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