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The Ministry of Denial

There are some who think the Ministry of Denial doesn't exist.  And they may be right.  But the Special Undersecretary for Security, Consular Division has stated state unequivocally that it might exist.  “It is crucial in a Politocracy to maintain a certain distance from what lay people call 'the truth'.  Just as large drink sizes are responsible for obesity, so here at the Ministry we have regulated large clothing sizes to reduce the number of fat people."


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Media Bias in a Politocracy

Media bias is often used in reference to the mainstream media: the network news, cable news, most city newspapers and numerous periodicals.  Examples of those organizations on the liberal left include CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, The New Your Times, The Washington Post, the Boston Globe, the Nation, Progressive and the New Republic. Examples of such organizations on the conservative right include Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times and The National Review. Historical political polling data reveals that the vast majorities of journalists identify themselves as liberals and donate to liberal political candidates. The evidence suggests that there are far more liberal left leaning news/information outlets than conservative right leaning news/information outlets.


But Media Bias occurs in other “forms” as well, specifically television programming and full length popular films. How does such bias come out in these mediums? Ask yourself the following questions: How often are American corporations vilified? (Almost always) Have you ever watched a movie or television programs in which the American corporate characters are the “good guys?” (Never) Are the American corporate characters the “bad guys”? (Almost always) And who are the good guys? The Lawyers, the Journalists, the Professors, the individual striking out against evil within the corporation, the military or the Central Intelligence Agency.


In Politocracy The Game, Media Bias is reflected when a candidate lands on The Media. Progressives always have more to gain and less to lose. Conservatives always have less to gain and more to lose. Centrists have as much to gain as the Progressives and as much to lose as the Conservatives. In addition, Hope and Change media bias can assist the Progressives more than the Conservatives. We believe this accurately reflects the reality of American political elections.

How a Dominant Party Behaves in a Politocracy

When one party establishes what it thinks is a dominant political position in a Politocracy, it then believes that it can institute laws and orders that will, amongst other things, shift financial resources from one part of the electorate to another part of the electorate.  It usually will do this without regards to the longer term consequences to the whole electorate.  The thinking is that such action will ensure short term political power and influence to the dominant party.  


In Politocracy The Game, such actions can be accomplished when a leading candidate shifts his or her political position or ideology - at the right time - to achieve competitive advantage over opponents.  The short term advantage is in gaining what may be a "game changing" advantage for the election, forcing other candidates out of the game/election.  But, there are numerous possible negative consequences that ultimately can derail the dominant candidate's campaign and election.  Dirty tricks, scandals, media bias, coalitions...

A World Politocracy: The United Nations?

Is it just coincidence that global warming rears its ugly ahead only after the President's reelection? Did the UN sit on the report? Clearly, as with all politocracies in the world today, there is always a solution looking for a problem. Examples include a gas tax, green construction, cap and trade anything that solidify politicians' entrenchment, control and sources of government income.

The academic question is this: what systemic economic effects occur when market prices are increased arbitrarily? In this case, what happens to the market price of energy if everyone is paying too much? What happens when the price of a Volt is subsidized? Answer: it distorts the market into thinking that something is more affordable than it is. Ethanol is a prime example of its impact on corn prices. Mandating the inclusion of ethanol in gas has distorted the costs of food throughout the world. Now gas costs more and some have less or nothing to eat. Is that further evidence of a well-established Politocracy? A world-wide Politocracy is emerging?

Suffering From "Politicus Interruptus"?

Some of may be suffering from "Politcus Interruptus" since the election.   Why? The Politocracy won. The Politocracy always wins. In a Politocracy problems don’t matter. There are many ‘problems’ that politicians use in their campaigns. But only the solutions matter. Any solution, however farfetched and ridiculous, can be used by politicians to further his or her power. Call it ‘fair taxation’ or ‘regulation’ or ‘stimulus’; the politician will use it to cement his following, ensure election and retain power. That is the beauty of Politocracy!

Politocracy the Game simulates how players raise money, buy constituents, use scandals, deal in Hope and control Change to ensure their election. The game is shovel-ready at a time when there is nothing to believe in; it is an optimal response to the election; it will help you enjoy the fiscal cliff. The game is as green as the Deficit Dollars you use for negative advertising and as honest as the crooked die you use to navigate the board.

Can you afford not to learn these lessons? Can you afford to be upset by scandals and the Electoral College? You need a do-over! You need Politocracy the Game! Buy it now!   Before another inexplicable election involving obscure demographic groups causes yet another market crash.

Filling the Political Void with Politocracy The Game

The U.S. Presidential Election of 2012 is over. The Presidential and Congressional races have been determined - mostly. Pundits have much to say about who won and who lost and why. Historically in the United States, the electorate accepts the results and resumes its normal day to day activities. In recent times however, the campaigning process process seems to be continual, ongoing, never ending. For some, now, there is a void, almost an absence of purpose, a search for meaning.

Politocracy The Game is there to help those who may be feeling the emptiness or the post-election political void. Anyone can have those empty feelings - family members, friends, colleagues, educators, students, adversaries, pollsters, consultants, politicians, retirees, allies, enemies, Politocrats or just "plain folks." This game can be that post-election elixir with which people can relive the excitement and thrill of the campaign, competing for office, defeating a rival, getting a different, better outcome.

Now is the time, as the year end holiday season approaches, get back into your game, Campaign! Hit the Money Trail! Dirty Tricks! October Surprise! Challenge your self and your political adversaries. Get back into the game now!