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Dave Gordon Podcast - Insights & Influence with Politocracy Co-Founder Strangio

In this edition of Insights & Influence, Dave chats with board game creator Mark Strangio and author Robert D. Smith.


Strangio is the co-creator of Politocracy: The Game, a board game that claims to simulate the way presidential political campaigns are run from ideology to advertising–dirty tricks and pandering included.

Boston Herald Article on Politocracy The Game - November 4, 2012

Board Game Shows Ploys of Politics by Marie Szaniszlo

You can wait until Tuesday to see who wins the White House, or you can take matters into your own hands by playing a new board game that allows you to “buy” constituents as a candidate yourself.


Cynical? Maybe. But the creators of “Politocracy” promise a good time.


“We want it to be educational, provocative and fun,” said Mark Strangio, the 62-year-old former high tech worker from Newton who developed the game with Frederick Zimonja, a Scituate attorney. “It’s a great way for people to challenge themselves and talk about issues that seem to have polarized the electorate.”  .......

Politocracy The Game Founders Appear on Boston's WBX Jordan Rich Radio Show, November 3, 2012

An Extraordinary Game of Politocracy Thursday, October 18, 2012, Newton, MA

Five friends and I played Politocracy The Game last night. Very diverse political and ideological backgrounds. Had tons on fun on the Campaign and Money trails. Hours of laughter. Purely a great time. We were Bill Clinton (team), George Bush, Sarah Palin and John McCain (team), Centrists (moderates) all. Bill Clinton Won decisively!


"Granted, I don't get out much - but that was the most fun I've had in a LONG, LONG time!  You created a great game; very professional and it's fun to play against classic politicians."


"A lot of good thought went into the game.  Although it tool a while to learn the rules, I liked the depth and variety that you've been able to capture which makes the overall experience more realistic and interesting."


"That was great fun - an impressive game.  Definitely an interesting game which seems very professionally made!"

”It was a lot of fun and a great time. I'm also glad to see that the only team that read the "Quick Start Guide" ended up winning!”

Politocracy Video-cased on BIMM Tuesday Hangout, October 16, 2012, Kendall Square, MA

Politocracy The Game was showcased on the Boston Internet Marketing Meetup (BIMM) Tuesday (Google streaming) Hangout last night. Now on you tube, the video describes the game and explains how much educational fun players as candidates can have seeking the Presidency.


Bruce Jones' "Vote Presidential Election 2012 Coloring Book" was also showcased. What a natural synergy between these two products!

Game Night at Intrepid Labs, Sept 27, 2012, Kendall Square, MA

An outstanding game last night at Intrepid Labs in Kendall Square. Amazingly, a CONSERVATIVE Barack Obama won with move than 300 electoral votes beating another conservative, an undeclared progressive and a centrist. Thanks Chris, Erich and Keith for helping to create a tremendous campaign and election at such a crucial time in the American political scene.

Board Game Design & Prototype Circle Meetup Sept 25, 2012, Cambridge MA

 An exciting game was played between expert gamers last night at The Board Game Design and Prototype Circle Meetup in Cambridge.  Many thanks to the contributions from the outstanding gamers.


Richard Nixon as Progressive, George Washington as Conservative, Mitt Romney as Progressive and Newt Gingrich as Centrist, admittedly an odd twist of ideologies.  After an hour and a half Newt and Mitt dropped out due to lack of popular support. Both contributing half of their financial resources to the presidential contenders.  President elect Nixon defeated George Washington taking 324 of the 538 Electoral votes to win.

Politocracy The Game launched in Cambridge, Massachusetts, September 20, 2012

Politocracy The Game was launched at Firebrand Saints in Cambridge, Massachusetts on Thursday, September 20, special thanks to the Kendall Square Association (KPA)/MIT and Keith Spiro of Kendall Press.  Engaging discussions of the game took place with small groups of politically aware Kendall Square professionals and game enthusiasts.  A great time was had by all.

Game playing and evaluations proceeding around the world!

Baghdad Bob Returns to Talk About and Promote Politocracy - From an Undisclosed Location

The Game is currently being played and evaluated by a select group of expert game enthusiasts, former politicans and a select group of international leaders. 


Here are some of the comments we have received:


A former governor now incarcerated says: “if only I had played more Politocracy—the Game, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

A former democratic candidate for President says: “...where can I get me some of this Politocracy?”


A current candidate for the Senate writes: “My momma used to tell me all about Politocracy when she got hammered.”


A current South American dictator tells us: “Politocracy had helped me make sense of our system.”


A leader of the Arab Spring movement in Egypt writes: “Thank you for the copy of Politocracy; now I know what kind of government we need to install.”


al-Qaeda Operative Number 9 says: “ unable to explode copy of Politocracy, please send instructions.”


A detainee at Camp Gitmo writes: “...flushing copies of the Koran down the toilet didn’t break me, but playing Politocracy has given my life new meaning. . . now I see our future“


We also believe that Thomas Jefferson, a dead patriot and President would have said: "What have you done to my Constitution?  This is a mockery of everything I wrote; Adams may agree with you, but what does he know?”


Sam Adams would have written: “Politocracy is a great opportunity to drink beer and learn something.”


John Adams might have replied: “I didn’t write Politocracy.  It looks like something Jefferson would have cooked up. It reeks of elitism.”


We have also learned from these and many other real and fictitious personalities that when approaching Politocracy The Game, a very healthy sense of humor is essential, if not mandatory, especially in these highly polarized times.  Please see The Game section of this website to see who we believe should and who should not play Politocracy.