The 2016 Presidential Election

It is never too early to begin thinking about the next Presidential Election.  We've been thinking about the 2016 election since November 2012.   Some in the electorate may be politically, financially and emotionally exhausted from the last 7 years and 15 days of the Obama Administration.  Then there was the 2012 debacle.   However, we know that there are many others, even the exhausted, who are full of hope looking forward to more change.  To that end, we have revised the Politocracy.   New Candidate Profiles allow the politically conscious to "play out" the 2016 election. 


During the intervening years, the political spcetrum has undergone significant changes. 


Those formerly known as Democrats have drifted further to the left.   Thanks in large part to Barack Hussein Obama's drastic efforts to change America into his vision of a socialist society, his party and its current candidates and representatives refer to themselves as "progressives" and "democratic socialists."   Barach Hussein Obama's apparent desire for a singular world government is  driving its dedicated followers to embrace financial redistribution, a larger more powerful controlling government role in the lives of citizens, higher taxes and more government organizations to deliver products and services to and control over all.


On the right side, the electorate is rejecting "traditional" or establishment Republicans - Insiders.     Republican "Insiders" such as Jeb Bush, John Kasich, preferred candidates of the Republican establishment, are not generating enthusiasm amongst the conservative electorate.  Rather the top four Conservative candidates collectively garner over 70% of the votes in polls.


2016  Presidential candidates have been identified in their profiles as either Conservative, Republican, Progressive or Bolshevik.  The initial implementation of Politocracy The Game, candidates start the in the middle as "Centrists."  As the composition of candidates candidates evolves, the candidates can declare their true ideological allegience in order to maximize their popularity.   Of course, the ability to "flip-flop" from one ideology to another for opportunistic purposes is encouraged.  This has important strategic implications for the game.


As noted elsewhere in this website, unless Progressive Democrats are able to repeal the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution,Barack Hussein Obama will not be able to run for a 3rd, 4th or 5th term.  This game rule may dishearten some , particularly those with a strong Progressive/Socialist or Marxist orientation.  However we feel that this rule is important and in keeping with the US Constitution.

Didn't Like The 2012 Results? Then Rewrite History

If you did not like the outcome of the 2012 US Presidential Election, we will continue supply Candidate Profiles of the original candidates - as long as supplies last. 


As in all games, candidates can experiment with different ideological "configurations" and political investment stategies to determine the optimal political path to victory.


We continue to want to hear from players of all ideological beliefs and party affiliations. 

Provide feedback on the real time tool of your choice (FaceBook or email us).

Tell us what happened in your campaign, who won and how.  Was winning a matter of luck?  Did the Progressive candidate have a natural advantage?  Did Hope and Change work for the President elect?  Or, did you find that the game was in some way bias?  We are biased.  It should be obvious by now.   But let us know what happened in your game and what you think.