Politocracy The Game

Politocracy The Game is a presidential election board game. It was created to educate, enlighten and entertain the American electorate:


  • Citizens who believe they understand the system
  • Citizens unaware of its inner workings,
  • Citizens seemingly indifferent to or uninterested in it,
  • Millennials most of which are unaware, indifferent, uninterested and think they understand America and its political system.

This board game is intended to engage 2 to 4 candidates and a single game should run between 60 to 90 minutes/


We believe that the survival of the America’s Democratic Republic will depend upon the electorate's understanding of America's presidential election "system" and its inner workings.


Politocracy The Game inculcates this understanding by simulating the interaction of a complex set of variables:


  • Campaigning,
  • Fundraising,
  • Pandering,
  • Deception,
  • Negative Advertising,
  • Integrity,
  • Lack of Integrity
  • Likeability,
  • Surrogate Politicians,
  • Good and Bad Luck,
  • Hope and Hopelessness,
  • The Desire or Need for Change,
  • Hundreds of Millions of Influence Dollars ,
  • Scandals,
  • The Manufacturing of Popularity, and
  • How Polling & Media Bias Influence the System & Politics.


In the real world the results are deadly serious.  However, this does not mean that learning about it cannot be entertaining and enlightening. Politocracy The Game gives players an arsenal of actions they can use as Conservative, Progressive and Centrist candidates in their efforts to win the election and occupy the White House. 

The Polarized Electorate and Permanent Campaigns

America has never been more polarized.  It is more polarized than during the Vietnam War or during the 2012 Presidential election.  Opposing ideological forces include those held by the far left leaning Progressive/Democratic Socialist and right leaning traditional Constitutional Conservatives.  They in a continuous battle for the hearts and minds of the electorate. The opposing ideologies are firm and well established. Those in the middle, the so-called Independents, Moderates, Centrist or Undecided are continuously fought for. 


Today, campaigning has become continuous - America lives with permanent campaigning


There are relatively new left leaning or "left-susceptible" politically identifiable groups within the American electorate: “Low Information Voters” and Millennials.  These groups' political preferences are typically shaped by the assimilation of tightly packaged and concise messages.   These messages, created and financed by ideological leaders and Politicl Action Committees (PACs) are delivered through the Mainstream Media News and Entertainment "channels", Social Media and of course the education system.  The effect of this is to render critical thinking unnecessary and opposing views mistaken.  


It can be argued that LIVs and Millennials do not know or care very much about traditional political leaders or traditional American values. Both groups are mostly disinterested.  Millennials in particular are overwhelmingly consumed by social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapshot) online games, friends, texting and being entertained. They are often attracted to a “cult figure,”  legitimized by Hollywood and the media.


We believe that Politocracy The Game can be used to enlighten the electorate on how the American election system works. Politocracy The Game will engage its citizens particularly its disengaged citizens.


The Future: 2014, 2016


The US political system is unique in that it requires a presidential election every four years. For some it is like anticipating the Mayan Apocalypse on a regular basis. Many choose to participate, others do not. Many are educated; others are simply programmed to express their preferences one way or the other.


The 2012 Presidential election is behind us. There is only the future. The next Presidential election will occur on Tuesday, November 8th, 2016.  We have identified 12 candidates – 4 Democrats and 8 Republicans – who are useful for Politocracy The Game. We anticipate that few others will emerge as serious candidates and that over the next several months many will disappear as viable candidates. We will continue to create Candidate Profiles for those candidates who may stand on the Presidential Candidate Stage.


Conservative, Republican Candidates

Democrat Candidates

The Past: 2012, Revising History

The introductory version of the game - enabling candidates to predict the winner of the  2012 Presidential Election - provided Political Profiles for the party nominated candidates: Baraack Hussein Obama and Mitt Romney.  These profiles will continue to be delivered with all games until such time that a significant revision warrents their elimination. These profiles provide candidates the opportunity to recreate the 2012 election for the purpose of obtaining different results. 


In the unlikely event that the 22nd Amendment (hint: The Constitution) is repealed, we will reexamine Barack Hussein Obama's Candidate Profile to determine which factors will be increased or decreased.

All versions of The Game are fun and educational and are meant to be played by family, friends, associates, educators, students - essentially all Americans, legal and illegal as well as Non-Americans and Un-Americans regardless of their ideological beliefs.


At $39.95 the game provides hours, weeks, months and years of disruptive entertainment, provoking thoughtful discussion on the American political system.  We are hopeful that it will continue to do so for years and decades to come.

  • Amass Your Constituents
  • Hit The Money Trail
  • Secure The Electorate
  • Occupy The White House
  • So Simple, Take The Challenge



(Psst: Go negative! Disrupt Your Opponents! Cover up! Grab the Power! Stay in Power!)


How The Game Works

Players choose their political profiles. Each is rated in three categories on a scale of one to three: Likeability or Charisma, Integrity and Fundraising Ability.  Players are also identified as Insider or Outsider, meaning are they inside or outside the "Beltway."


Players roll a die to travel along the Campaign Trail, amassing (buying) popularity at each constituent group.  The cost of a constituent depends upon the candidate's ideology.  The closer a candidate's ideology is to the ideology of the constituent, the less costly it is to buy.  Another factor is whether the candidate has sufficient funds to buy a constituent.  If a candidate cannot buy a constutuent due to lack of funds or interest, he or she would simply be pandering.   And pandering - in a Politocracy - is useful and in reality happens all the time.


Upon reaching a Political Polling location, candidates roll a die to access the 'Money Trail'.  This is the road candidates travel to collect funds from Interest Groups.  Again, these funds are needed to buy the support of Constituents.  As with Constituent Groups, the funds that can be collected from an Interest Group depend upon the political alignments.   The closer the political or ideological alignment, the greater the amount of funds that can be obtained.


Because the cost and the benefit of each constituency depends on one's ideology, a decision will be made by the player as to which is the most advantageous ideology: Conservative or Progressive.

Hope and Change cards are drawn from time to time affecting play and probably the outcome.


The election involves contesting and winning each of the 10 U.S. Regions.  Winning a region may seem as simple as rolling the highest die.  However, die rolls are, of course, influenced by money; careful planning of both positive and negative ads  - investments - are essential. 

Get In The Game, Take The Challenge

Finally, from the security of your own home, office or Internet cafe, you and your friends can get in on the political action.  No longer do you have to sit on the sidelines, watching the political campaigns, fretting about the latest polls and whether to vote, how to vote or even why to vote.


Now, at last, without having to start your own exploratory committee, or go on a boring ‘listening tour,’ shake thousands of strange hands or kiss any number of babies in front of shuttered factories, you can get off the couch and Get in the Game!


Now everyone has a chance to get into the game and understand what we really have, a system of self-perpetuating politicians, a Politocracy. 

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to run for high office, now is your chance to find out. Simply pick from one of many current campaigners and see how you can change history!  Take charge of the Politocracy.  Have fun a play this educational simulation board game.


This is a timely game given the current state of political, social and economic acrimony.  It is fun and challenging, and usually provokes a worthwhile dialog between players regardless or because of their political ideologies.


The Game only requires that people sit down at a table, deal out the pieces, shuffle the cards, roll the die and discuss the past, present and future or whether there will be a future.